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Peel that couch potato up with healthy activities

Published On: 10-15-2015 in Category: Mental Health


School has started and children spend afternoons and weekends gratefully sitting and playing video games or watching TV. It can be difficult to find activities for the entire family which are fun and beneficial to health. Perhaps surprisingly, there are plenty of activities in Riverside, California for that purpose. Comprised is a list of fun and healthy activities in The 909.

Take a hike

It can be argued that hiking is just walking and seems tedious, but hiking on nice trails, away from the city can be a wonderful escape. Hiking will allow friends and family to explore wilderness on a safe and known trail, while also avoiding sitting inside all day. For those who are new to hiking or have children, the Louis Robidoux Nature Center in Riverside is a great place to start. Including tours, a learning center for kids and beautiful scenic trails. Keeping the hike simple will help in avoiding danger and pushing people too far, while also getting exercise in for the day.

Build something together

This one is a bit more open ended to possibility and may require supplies, but the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends starting a garden as a family. The institute adds that, “If you have limited space, try growing herbs in pots.” The idea does not have to stop at a garden, build a treehouse together. For older kids, find a project that matches their interest, such as a skateboard ramp and help them build it. On rainy or colder days, spend time inside building a fort out of pillows, sheets and posts or make up a game with the kids. Create ways to invest in fun activities with the kids, as opposed to leaving them alone just because they might be “old enough.”

Visit museums

While people can argue that museums do not seem like a place to get much exercise, the truth is in the pedometer. Spending at least half a day or more, walking around a museum, learning and exploring can add up to a large amount of steps. Any amount of exercise is better than sitting inside all day in front of a TV. In Riverside, one could walk around the beautiful Historic landmark of the Mission Hills Inn, the Riverside Metropolitan Museum or the Riverside Arts Museum. These are only a few of the options available and can be fun wonderful ways to get outside, learn and include some form of exercise with air conditioning.

Visit the local parks

One main form of motivation for why children and teenagers may dislike exercise is because there may be a lack of engagement. When exercise is treated solely as a chore or requirement, it becomes less fun. Children who play outside, are able to get exercise but have fun at the same time. The Fairmount Park is a popular place to visit in Riverside for the entire family with fishing, playground, duck-feeding opportunities and much more. There are plenty of other parks in the Inland Empire in which a child can play, have fun and register enjoyment with exercise.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute encourages, “Start with small steps to get your family to move more. Making little changes can help everyone maintain a healthy weight.” Do not push a kid outside and remain in front of the TV yourself. Invest in these activities as a family and grow closer.

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