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Major drug busts highlight meth abuse in Riverside County

Published On: 01-05-2016 in Category: cocaine, drug, Drug Abuse, Methamphetamine

major drug busts highlight meth abuse in riverside county

Riverside County has become one of the busiest drug corridors in the United States, as per the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). It has, in fact, got the unflattering tag of being the “Meth capital of the United States.”

“Over the past three years, authorities in Riverside County, California, have seen a significant spike in drug trafficking in what is known as the ‘single largest drug trafficking distribution center in the United States’, built on a web of highways, nondescript suburbia and empty desert,” The Desert Sun and USA Today reported.

The drug scenario in the Riverside County area is gaining strength as the DEA officials confirmed to Desertsun.com that the smuggled narcotics flow from Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel through Riverside County stash houses en route to seller’s markets in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Canada.

Frank Pepper, assistant special agent, in-charge of the Riverside DEA Office, informed Desertsun.com, “We are almost like the Costco warehouse of narcotics dealers, shipping this poison across the country.” The urban communities residing in that area are living under the constant fear of drug warlords engaged in trafficking of methamphetamine across the province.

Record meth seizure

According to a PE.com report, the Riverside city police seized 53 pounds of methamphetamine on July 23, 2015. Officials estimate the market value of the seized drug at around $200,000.

In another incident, police from several agencies raided a Riverside home on September 26, 2015 and arrested a man on charges of operating a small meth lab.

More poison off the streets

As per details obtained from the seizure statistics provided to Desert Sun, meth seizures rose from 1,567 pounds in 2013 to 2,546 pounds in 2015, which implies a significant rise in meth smuggling across Riverside County. The Riverside County officials, along with various other law enforcement agencies, are working together to target laboratories involved in manufacturing the drug along with import of chemicals needed to process the drug.

Kamala Harris, California Attorney General, said, “California is the gateway for 70 percent of the methamphetamine trafficked into the United States from Mexico. This dangerous drug, and the actions of those who traffic and sell it, threatens the public health and safety of our communities.”

Struggle against meth abuse

The abuse of methamphetamine has spread to many parts of California with people from all age groups consuming it only to experience a temporary feeling of euphoria. It takes a lot of time to get rid of meth addiction. Intensive rehab and therapy are required during the process.

Methamphetamine, when taken in small doses, has the same effect as that of other stimulants, like cocaine, in the same amount. Abuse of these drugs for a long time can cause weight loss, affect physical activity and create other problems such as severe dental problems and skin sores. If you or a loved one needs any assistance regarding drug abuse, contact Riverside Drug Treatment Rehab Center online or call at 951-221-4018 for further information.

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