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30 arrested in Riverside County raids; cache of drugs, arms seized

Published On: 08-17-2016 in Category: drug, Drug Abuse


A nine-month long investigation, code-named Operation Desert Impact, led to the arrest of 30 people recently in Corona, in California’s Riverside County, for their alleged involvement in drug and arms trafficking.

The arrests, made in June 2016, were a result of a series of raids by the investigators. They seized 7 pounds of methamphetamine, 10 grams of cocaine, 1 pound of marijuana, 50 firearms, including semiautomatic rifles, 314 rounds of ammunition, a stolen car, as well as $48,700 cash. The seized drugs were worth $1.6 million, the police said.

The arrested have been charged with felony, including drug trafficking, conspiracy, extortion, and firearm assault. The accused included members of the Corona Varrio Locos and the Mexican Mafia. The joint investigation was conducted by the Corona Police Department, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and California’s Justice, and Corrections & Rehabilitation departments.

“As a result of our agents’ work, and of the team effort of our law enforcement partners, a strong blow has been dealt to the Mexican Mafia that’s constantly working to extend their criminal enterprise in this region,” said Derrick Marion, Chief of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Office of Correctional Safety.

Riverside County turns drug trafficking hub

Lately, Riverside County has become the single largest hub of drug trafficking and its distribution in America due to its geographical location. It is located on a cross-section of highways as well as empty desert lands and suburbia. The County houses an invisible network of drugs valued at billions of dollars, with the smuggled contraband vacillating from Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel to Riverside County, along the way into the markets in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Canada.

Riverside has been witnessing a steep rise in methamphetamine and heroin trafficking, with meth seizures increasing from 1,567 pounds in 2013 to 2,546 pounds in 2015, and the volume of trafficked heroin rising from 150 pounds to 395 pounds during the corresponding time period.

Even as more states are gearing up for legalization of marijuana, both for medicinal and recreational purposes, certain quarters have been opposing the move. District Attorney Michael Hestrin said, “It’s a fantasy to believe that if we legalize it there wouldn’t be a black market.”

But cultivating marijuana without a nod from lawmakers is illegal. In fact, some cities in the county have implemented laws that ban cultivation of the drug, with the Sheriff’s Department lending a helping hand to enforce such ordinances.

Leading an addiction-free life

Trafficking of drugs is a growing problem in the U.S. and the drug peddlers and traffickers Riverside County is not an exception. If you or your loved one is grappling with drug addiction, it is time to seek medical assistance. The Riverside Drug Treatment Rehab Center will help you get one of the best addiction treatment programs customized to your needs. You may call at our 24/7 helpline number 951-221-4018 or chat online with our addiction treatment counselor for more information.

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