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  • How to tackle the opioid epidemic

    Published On: 02-19-2016 in Category: Detox, Opioid addiction, Opioids, recovery

    Opioid addiction severely alters the brain and brings about a drastic change in its functioning. Attaining sobriety is a long and arduous journey requiring intense treatment and coping with multiple relapses. President Barack Obama seeking nearly $1.1 billion in his final budget, for financial year 2017, to combat opioid addiction echoes the gravity of the […]

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  • Major drug busts highlight meth abuse in Riverside County

    Published On: 01-05-2016 in Category: cocaine, drug, Drug Abuse, Methamphetamine

    Riverside County has become one of the busiest drug corridors in the United States, as per the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). It has, in fact, got the unflattering tag of being the “Meth capital of the United States.” “Over the past three years, authorities in Riverside County, California, have seen a significant spike in drug […]

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  • High schools draw cops’ attention as students become drug peddlers’ preferred agents

    Published On: 12-28-2015 in Category: addiction, drug, Drug Abuse, prescription

    The arrest of many school students in the last couple of years shows how the schools have turned into hotbed for drug peddling. With the drug peddlers targeting these students, mostly teenaged, to expand their illegal trade, the cops too have found a new destination in the form of high schools to gather information on […]

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  • 4 Ways to prevent synthetic/designer drug abuse

    Published On: 10-16-2015 in Category: Drug Abuse


    Thankfully, Billy and his friends can’t purchase a “Build Your Own Synthetic or Designer Drug” kit at the store, but the unfortunate truth is closer to the idea than some realize. The ingredients used in designer drugs can be found at the store. The trends of synthetic drugs are increasing among teenagers and young adults […]

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  • Peel that couch potato up with healthy activities

    Published On: 10-15-2015 in Category: Mental Health


    School has started and children spend afternoons and weekends gratefully sitting and playing video games or watching TV. It can be difficult to find activities for the entire family which are fun and beneficial to health. Perhaps surprisingly, there are plenty of activities in Riverside, California for that purpose. Comprised is a list of fun […]

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  • Troubled teens and substance abuse

    Published On: 10-09-2015 in Category: addiction


    Every community, town, city and state have a few of the unruly sort: the rebels, the roguish, the disruptive teens who vandalize property and disturb the peace. Other teens who abuse substances as well are typically intertwined with this band of youth. Being treated as a problem will only further desire to abuse substances. The […]

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  • Treating addiction early on

    Published On: 10-08-2015 in Category: addiction


    Hindsight is 20/20 and always has been. We exchange the lament “Gone too soon” when referring to the overdose or addiction-spurred death of those with substance abuse. But if they “go a little later” what would we do to save them from their untimely demise? The truth is, there are ways to prevent a loved […]

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  • Measure A: Regulation of medical marijuana

    Published On: 10-02-2015 in Category: addiction, addiction treatment, recovery, treatment centers


    On June 2, 2015, Measure A, which was on the ballot to allow and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in Riverside was defeated. If it passed, Measure A would have lifted Riverside’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. According to the Press Enterprise (PE), the initiative would have allowed the availability of one dispensary per 30,000 residents […]

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  • Riverside’s meth journey

    Published On: 10-01-2015 in Category: addiction, addiction treatment, recovery, treatment centers


    In the late 1990s, Riverside emerged as the “methamphetamine capital of the world” and maintained the title up until the late 2000s. More recently, even though numerous meth ‘cook houses’ have been eliminated and stringent laws have been tightened, demand for the drug can still be traced back to Riverside. The Riverside and San Bernardino […]

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  • One man’s trash, is still trash: How drug take back day can help

    Published On: 09-23-2015 in Category: addiction


    They loiter in the cabinets of one’s bathroom long after they should have left. They take up cabinet space where children and family members can misuse them. They are known as old prescription medications and they can cause more problems than some realize. Taking it back before it can do more harm On Saturday September 26, […]

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