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Troubled teens and substance abuse

Published On: 10-09-2015 in Category: addiction


Every community, town, city and state have a few of the unruly sort: the rebels, the roguish, the disruptive teens who vandalize property and disturb the peace. Other teens who abuse substances as well are typically intertwined with this band of youth.

Being treated as a problem will only further desire to abuse substances. The community has programs available for teens who struggle with substance abuse and need support.

The need for support

Despite societal stereotypes, anyone is susceptible to substance abuse at any age. Mayoclinic.org explains how common factors can lead to substance abuse in teens. Some of those include:

1.Family history of substance abuse

2.Peer pressure from friends and colleagues

3.Feelings of social rejection

4.Drug availability

5.Lack of nurturing by parents

These are only a few of the factors which can lead to substance abuse in teens. This list is not meant to take the responsibility out of the teenager’s hands, but show that the focus should be on helping the teenagers and not judging them.

Giving support

There are facilities and rehabs in Riverside, California, which will help teenagers by having them commit to a recovery program. One such program, Teen Challenge of Southern California in Riverside, strives to help teens receive help with substance abuse. The program director, Kevin Mooney explains, “Making the first contact with us is the first step in realizing they have an addiction problem.” Communication with the teen is the best way to help them.

Mayoclinic.org adds tips for speaking with teens about substance abuse, since not explaining the dangers can cause more harm than good. The best way to have this type of conversation with a teen is to avoid lectures, “Instead, listen to your teen’s opinions and questions about drug use.” By investing in the teen and showing that their opinion matters, the teen will be willing to share and then listen to what the parent has to say.

The proper knowledge and showing the teen that his or her views matter, are both great ways to help the teen avoid drug abuse. Attempting to lecture on the dangers alone or treat the teenager as if he or she has no voice, will only push the teenager towards trying a substance just to get a rise out of the parent. Support those in the community who struggle with substance abuse and addiction, by treating them as what they are: people and neighbors; not as a problem.

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