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Treating addiction early on

Published On: 10-08-2015 in Category: addiction


Hindsight is 20/20 and always has been. We exchange the lament “Gone too soon” when referring to the overdose or addiction-spurred death of those with substance abuse. But if they “go a little later” what would we do to save them from their untimely demise?

The truth is, there are ways to prevent a loved one from losing a life to addiction, right in the community one lives in. Yet, many don’t receive attention, intervention and treatment in time.

Where addiction can lead

People make wrong choices from time to time. However, the choice to experiment with harmful and addictive substances is a slippery slope, causing most to fall into addiction. Treatment for addiction needs more than medication or a few meetings of alcoholics anonymous. Treatment for addiction needs support, care and will-power of the individual to beat the addiction.

Andrew Malanche was a 48-year-old man, struggling with drug addiction. He had a loving family and support, but was found deceased in his cell at Riverside County Jail. News website, KESq.com with CBS 2 news’ digital content director Patrick Edgell, covered the story. Riverside County Assistant Sheriff, Jerry Gutierrez investigated speculation Malanche’s death and other similar cases may have involved packets of drugs being ingested before admission to the jail. Edgell explains that, “Based upon the statements of the individuals once they have gone into medical duress… three could be related to narcotics ingestion.” Whether this speculation is true or not, there are ways to stop addiction in the early stages.

Reach out a helping hand

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence website, NCADD, offers tips and advice on approaching a loved one who displays the signs of addiction or substance abuse. The NCADD recommends learning all that one can about drug and alcohol addiction before confronting the loved one. Once the information has been gathered, “Talk to the person about your concerns, and offer your help and support, including your willingness to go with them and get help.”

It is important to avoid preaching or lecturing the individual, rather offer support and stand with them. Addiction rehabilitation is not an easy road and the individual will need all the help he or she can get. By being a place of support, the individual may be more inclined to stay in recovery for the long haul. While an individual can decide to avoid recovery, having a place of support and care dedicated to helping the individual recover, can make all of the difference.

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