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Riverside County police seize drugs stashed in a car battery

Published On: 12-23-2016 in Category: addiction, drug bust, Heroin, trafficking


Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel has long been known to transport drugs through the stash houses across Riverside County to be distributed in the markets of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Canada. In reality, there is an intricate billion-dollar network crisscrossing the county and concealed within the same shipping and trucking lanes that carry goods from Mexico.

Recently, the Riverside Border officials arrested a driver on charges of allegedly transporting heroin and methamphetamine hidden inside his car battery past the Riverside County border checkpoint. The unidentified accused was arrested by the border patrol authorities at the state Route 86 checkpoint in Salton City.

On being stopped and questioned by the police, the man claimed to be a Mexican national and also presented his resident card to the authorities. On sniffing the exterior of the car, the border patrol’s canine team alerted the officers to something suspicious in the vehicle, which prompted them to conduct a second round of closer inspection. Subsequently, the officials discovered a clandestine compartment inside the car battery.

According to the police officers, the compartment contained a smaller battery and three wrapped bundles, of which two were wrapped in clear plastic bags, and the third in a black electrical tape. “The contents tested positive for meth and heroin. The three bundles contain approximately 4.53 pounds of narcotics at an estimated street value of $49,970,” said the Customs and Border Protection officials. In the meantime, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) took charge of the accused, his vehicle and the drugs for further investigation.

“Criminal organizations will go to great lengths in order to carry out their illegal activities,” said Rodney S. Scott, the new Chief Patrol Agent of the El Centro Sector Border Patrol in February this year. “I commend our hard-working agents for their exemplary efforts in keeping these harmful drugs out of our communities,” he added.

Riverside County is now America’s drug pipeline

Riverside County is the largest drug trafficking hub in the United States. Recently, an unexpected pipe bomb containing methamphetamine was unearthed by a bomb squad in the Interstate 10, in Riverside County, one of the busiest highways in the country. The pipe, around a foot long and an inch-and-a-half wide, was located below the overpass, which attracted the attention of a bomb disposal squad’s robot, which initially attempted to deactivate any possible explosive material.

This was one of the most startling, yet accidental, discoveries when a clandestine cross-country drug pipeline to transport heroin and meth, and possibly other illicit substances, was publically exposed.

According to the Riverside DEA Office, which also covers San Bernardino County, “About 6,500 pounds of meth and 770 pounds of heroin. That’s nearly one-fourth as much meth, and one tenth as much heroin, as was seized by the entire DEA-nationwide-from 2012 to 2014”.

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