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One man’s trash, is still trash: How drug take back day can help

Published On: 09-23-2015 in Category: addiction


They loiter in the cabinets of one’s bathroom long after they should have left. They take up cabinet space where children and family members can misuse them. They are known as old prescription medications and they can cause more problems than some realize.

Taking it back before it can do more harm

On Saturday September 26, 2015, Riverside residents will have an opportunity from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to get rid of any and all old medication bottles to the sheriff’s. The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day will take place at the Colorado River Sherriff’s Station in Blythe, CA. The motivation behind this event is more than protecting the environment. The Office of Diversion Control explains that this event, “aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs.”

The event will also educate, “The general public about the potential for abuse of medications.” The City of Riverside’s website describes how this event will help to ensure, “These potentially dangerous prescription drugs, particularly controlled substances, are being removed from our nation’s medicine cabinets and waterways.” The drugs will be accepted with no questions asked and properly destroyed in an incinerator following the event, as explained by the Office of Diversion Control. This event benefits physical health and environmental health in one day.

The dangers of prescription drugs

People may not realize abusing prescribed medication can lead to addiction and overdosing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, found in 2012 more than 41,000 deaths in the U.S. were due to drug overdoses. With more than half of the deaths being in correlation with prescription drugs. People also keep medications around the house, long after they are no longer required. These prescription medications represent the potential for substance abuse and addiction down the line.

Through this event, residents will still be throwing away the old prescriptions. Yet, the sheriff’s department will be able to keep the medications from falling into the hands of children. This is an excellent opportunity for family members to learn about the potential dangers of prescription drug abuse. Parents can lead by example and teach their children the dangers of prescription overdose and how to properly dispose of medication.

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