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High schools draw cops’ attention as students become drug peddlers’ preferred agents

Published On: 12-28-2015 in Category: addiction, drug, Drug Abuse, prescription

attention as students become drug peddlers

The arrest of many school students in the last couple of years shows how the schools have turned into hotbed for drug peddling. With the drug peddlers targeting these students, mostly teenaged, to expand their illegal trade, the cops too have found a new destination in the form of high schools to gather information on drug peddlers and their base.

According to reports, be it Riverside, Los Angeles, Sacramento or Orange County, drugs are popular among teens, and its consumption has increased due to the rise in its clientele that unfortunately includes school children. The authorities concerned have been aggressive in breaking the drug chain.

In 2013, 22 students were arrested after two narcotics officers passed themselves off as high school students for an entire semester at Southern California High School, a Daily News report said. Of the 22 students arrested, two were found to be adults. Most of the drug buys were for small amounts of marijuana.

A similar episode of drug bust came to light in Texas where six students of Pearland Independent School District were arrested on April 3, 2015. A drug chain allegedly run by the students was busted by the members of the Texas narcotics task force who posed as students for eight months to carry out the operation successfully.

One might not believe that even a teacher can be the inspiration for students in selling and consuming drugs. However, it emerged after the arrest of six people by Haleyville Police on October 6, 2015 during a raid at a residence found to have a meth lab and other drugs. Of the six arrested, one was a basketball coach and teacher at Meek High School in Winston County, reported AL.com.

A similar case made headlines in 2013 when 24 students were arrested for transit and consumption of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, hashish and prescription pills in Riverside, reported the Los Angeles Times. It doesn’t just limit to the school premises, students are found enjoying its effects in rave parties as well. Marijuana has always been popular among teens and the constant numbers suggest the same.

According to a survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the use of marijuana has remained stable in 2014. The survey revealed that the eighth graders at 6.5 percent, 10th graders at 16.6 percent and 12th graders at 21.2 percent consume the said drug.

In 2011, 24 students were arrested in Moreno Valley, California, for selling drugs to their classmates. During the bust, cops seized marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, Ecstasy, and prescription drug hydrocodone, according to an abc7 report.

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