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Drunk driver dies after hitting 4 vehicles in Riverside, CA

Published On: 09-29-2016 in Category: addiction, Drunk driving


An unidentified man was killed in a road crash in Riverside, California recently after losing control over the truck he was driving and striking four other vehicles. The man, who was driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, crashed into the divider near the 91 and 60/215 freeway interchange in July 2016, said Riverside Police Department’s Lieutenant Dan Hoxmeier.

Before succumbing to his injuries, the man was part of three hit-and-run incidents. The first incident took place in the area of Tyler Street and Wells Avenue, following which a victim informed the Riverside Police Department around 1:53 p.m.

Having fled the accident scene, the accused reportedly continued to drive his dark gray Ford F150 truck until he reached near Magnolia Avenue and Van Buren Boulevard where he once again collided with a vehicle for the second time. He continued to drive even after the second crash, while the first victim followed him and provided Riverside Police dispatchers with updates about the suspect’s whereabouts.

On entering the eastbound 91 freeway and passing through the Arlington Avenue, the accused was located by a Riverside Police K9 officer, who made a failed attempt to stop the vehicle.  At this point, the suspect lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the center divider, before hitting a third vehicle at the 91 and 60/215 freeway interchange. The vehicle finally came to a stop after colliding with the fourth vehicle and dashing against the center divider once again.

The suspect was driving under intoxication and had sustained major injuries to which he later succumbed, said the Riverside Fire Department and AMR personnel. “At this time, the collisions caused by the suspect driver appear to be alcohol related,” said Hoxmeier. However, the four victims of hit-and-run vehicles did not suffer any major injuries and were safe, the police said.

Driving under influence of alcohol can be fatal

DUI is a serious crime that entails strict penalties. The drunk driving laws prohibit people from getting behind the wheel when their blood alcohol content (BAC) goes beyond the specific threshold level of 0.05 percent or 0.08 percent. Alcohol-impaired or drugged driving is considered an offense in all the 50 states and the District of Columbia, with nearly one-third or states forbidding presence of any amount of illegal substance in a driver’s body.

Most teens in America suffer motor vehicle crashes, with nearly a quarter of such accidents involving an underage person driving while intoxicated. Driving involves lot of attention and motor skills, and any kind of distraction due to alcohol intake or any other reason can be fatal. Alcohol is a depressant and hence, mars a person’s ability to make quick decisions on road and impairs safe driving skills that require concentration, coordination, judgment, etc. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the dangers of drunk driving to prevent its terrible consequences.

Leading alcohol-free life

Drunk driving continues to be one of the major problems in the U.S. and Riverside County is not an exception. If you or your loved one is grappling with addiction to alcohol or any other drug, it is time to seek medical assistance. The Riverside Drug Treatment and Rehab Center can help you get one of the best addiction treatment programs customized to your needs. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 951-221-4018 or chat online for more information.

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