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Despite ban, Riverside continues to be hotbed for marijuana misuse?

Published On: 03-29-2016 in Category: addiction, drug, Treatment


The arrest of a Palm Desert man on March 9 for a drug-related crime has raked up the issue of a drug haven flourishing in the Riverside County. The arrested man was in possession of 5 pounds of marijuana, around $4,500 in cash and other stuff pertaining to marijuana sales.

According to reports, the man’s intent was to sell the drugs in the market, Riverside being a hotspot for such dubious transactions. His arrest brought the secret of drug congregation in Riverside to the fore.

Riverside’s tryst with marijuana is not new as the county is in a constant state of war against it. In a bid to weed out the rampant abuse of the drug, more than 30,000 marijuana plants were eradicated in the Riverside County till December 2015 since July, when Riverside County began enforcing its new ban on the drug.

There may be many licensed growers of marijuana in Riverside who are legitimate users of the drug for any medicinal purpose. But in the garb of this there were also a host of illegal growers proliferating marijuana in many neighborhoods.


There are regulations binding the growing of marijuana in Riverside, and not anybody can capitalize on the permission for their vested interests. The ordinance permits a qualified patient or caregiver to grow only up to 12 marijuana plants in a single-family-dwelling ground and not beyond that.

The number of plants, however, can be proportionate to the number of patients in the house. With two patients in the house, they qualify to have 24 plants. And one of the patients has to reside on that property with a valid medical marijuana identification card issued by the county Department of Public Health.

In the case of a primary caregiver cultivating marijuana for a patient, he or she must possess a copy of the patient’s valid identification card within the premises. The growers also have to keep up with a lot of other rules to qualify for exemption from the enforcement agencies. For instance, there must be a total security for the plants, preventing any theft and non-accessibility to children and minors, maintaining a safe distance of beyond 1,000 feet from any school, community center, or park etc.

Beyond the rule book

According to enforcement officials, people in general have abided by the rules apart from a few stray incidents, which are sporadic. But a few questions still arise with drug-related crimes popping up every now and then in Riverside. Unless the population at large feels and take ownership of the predicament, stringent rules would work only in a set pattern and take its due course. Levying heavy penalties on violators and imposing other punishments in accordance with the law of the land might discourage its misuse.

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